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  • 时间:2019-02-26

    新时代的中国:China in the New Era:

    山西新转型 共享新未来 Shanxi, New transformation for a Shared New Future

    黄河The Yellow River

    中华民族的母亲河mother river of the Chinese nation

    她滋养着三晋大地nourished the land of Shanxi

    生生不息for generations

    2017年6月In June 2017

    习近平总书记General Secretary Xi Jinping

    再一次来到山西visited Shanxi again

    中国唯一全省域China’s only province-wide

    国家资源型经济转型national pilot zone of comprehensive reform

    综合配套改革试验区建设for the transformation of resource-based economy

    迈上新征程embarking on a new journey

    在这里Here in Shanxi

    炎帝教民稼穑Emperor Yan taught his people farming

    孕育了中国的农耕文明giving birth to China’s agrarian civilization

    这里Here in Shanxi

    是华夏文明起源之一a birthplace of the Chinese civilization

    留下了丰富的历史遗存preserves the heritages

    贯通上下5000年of over 5,000 years

    成为了解中华文明的首选之地of Chinese civilization

    风云变幻 斗转星移From ancient times to this new era

    这是一块英雄的土地Shanxi has gone through many vicissitudes

    三晋儿女前赴后继The people of this heroic land

    为中国革命 建设 改革contributed to China’s revolution, development and reform

    作岀了重要贡献with deep devotion

    新中国成立70年来 Over the 70 years since the founding of New China

    山西奋发图强Shanxi has achieved enormous progress

    社会生产力实现历史性跨越Productivity has grown in a way unseen before

    人民生活迎来People’s lives have changed significantly

    从温饱不足到全面小康from food and clothing shortage to initial prosperity

    经济社会协调发展Socio-economic development has become more coordinated

    高速铁路走入寻常生活High-speed railways make life more convenient

    高速公路四通八达An expressway network extends in all directions

    零就业家庭实现动态销零All unemployed families supported by government programs

    全民社会保险综合参保率达95% Social insurance schemes covering 95% of the population

    最边远的山区全部实现Nine-year compulsory education extended

    九年义务教育to the furthermost corners

    贫困发生率下降到1.1% Poverty head count ratio dropped to 1.1%

    70年来 Over the last 70 years

    这里坚持生态优先ecological conservation has always been a priority here

    右玉The County of Youyu

    不懈造林治沙committed to afforestation and desertification control

    把不毛之地变成塞上绿洲has made deserted land into oasis

    右玉精神The Youyu Spirit 

    载入共和国史册features proudly in the history of the People’s Republic

    守护绿水青山With well protected waters and mountains

    绿色成为美丽山西的底色green is now the background color of beautiful Shanxi

    70年来 Over the last 70 years

    这里产出的煤Shanxi-produced coal

    点亮了中国一半的灯has powered half of China’s light bulbs

    支撑了中国现代工业体系的建设and propelled China’s industrialization

    新时代Entering the new era

    山西,作别“煤老大”Shanxi, no longer just a "coal giant"

    争当能源革命排头兵is striving to be a pioneer in energy revolution

    三年来In the past three years

    退出煤炭过剩产能8841万吨Shanxi has phased out 88.41 million tonnes of coal overcapacity

    煤炭先进产能占比达到57% and advanced capacity now accounts for 57% of total production


    The emission of coal-fired power-generating units is among the lowest in the world

    风力、光伏等新能源发电Wind, PV and other new sources of energy

    占装机总量超过30% account for over 30% of the total installed electricity capacity

    2018年In 2018

    太原能源低碳发展论坛the Taiyuan Energy and Low Carbon Development Forum

    汇聚全球智慧gathered experts from around the globe

    向世界发出能源革命最强音and showed the world Shanxi’s commitment to energy revolution

    新时代Entering the new era

    山西新转型迸发新动能Shanxi’s transformation is generating new drivers of growth

    引领创新发展that lead innovation-driven development

    每分钟生产一片高铁轮对One pair of high-speed train wheels is made here every minute

    运转在中国和欧美的铁路线上equipped on trains serving in China, Europe and US

    山西和德国Shanxi and Germany

    在煤机装备高端制造领域are cooperating on the manufacturing of high-end coal machinery

    共创新未来for the future

    埃伯哈德 布朗 Eberhard Braun

    德国布朗公司总经理Managing Director of H&B


    The biggest world market is in China’s Province of Shanxi


    So that is the reason why we must work with a long plan, a long-term future


    Specialized stainless steel for the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge

    全球最薄的手撕钢and the thinnest steel foil in the world

    都诞生在这里are born here

    新能源汽车产业在这里集聚The industry of new energy vehicles is clustering here


    Non-coal industries are emerging as the pillar of Shanxi’s economy

    新时代Entering the new era


    Shanxi is keeping up with the new round of technological and industrial revolution

    互联网 大数据 人工智能Internet, big data and AI

    与实体经济深度融合are more integrated into the real economy

    数控铣工  韩利萍Han Liping, CNC Milling Machine Operator,

    山西省长治清华机械厂  Shanxi Aerospace Qinghua Equipment Co., Ltd.

    通过人工智能和大数据的结合Supported by AI and big data

    现在工厂加工产品的精度my factory now is able to process products with

    可以达到微米级accuracy up to the micron scale

    相当于人头发丝的三十分之一equivalent to one-thirtieth the breadth of a human hair.)

    农谷建设厚积薄发The building of an Agriculture Valley is gaining momentum

    全域旅游突飞猛进The development of holistic tourism is making big strides

    现代产业体系A modern industrial system

    正在一步步崛起is steadily taking shape

    新时代的山西Shanxi in the new era

    积极构建对外开放is ascending to new highs

    新高地in opening up

    晋非经贸合作区The Jinfei Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone

    成为融入“一带一路”的provides the gateway

    重要支点to the Belt and Road Initiative

    开启太原国际邮件互换局Taiyuan International Mail Exchange Bureau

    开通中欧班列China-Europe Railway Express

    开办平遥国际电影展Pingyao International Film Festival

    与遍布全球的49个国际友好城市49 sister cities

    86个友好合作伙伴86 cooperation partners across the globe

    互学互鉴的开放发展Opening up for mutual learning

    成为繁荣山西的必由之路sets the stage for Shanxi’s prosperity

    在新中国70华诞之际As New China celebrates its 70th birthday

    山西坚定资源型经济转型Shanxi stands firm in transforming its resource-based economy

    引领新未来to lead a new future

    为了这块土地的人民to deliver a fulfilling and happy life

    拥有更多的获得感 幸福感 安全感for the people on this land

    为了构建人类命运共同体and to build a community with a shared future for mankind

    山西与世界一起Shanxi, together with the world

    追梦前行is pursuing a dream for all